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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Growing up male and female

Brown and Hood(2002) in “Growing up male and Female” say new babies don’t know anything, but they can learn fast about their gender role. Just born babies are treated according to their gender. Girls and boys are treated differently about emotion, toy and thinking. They begin to speak language differently for each gender because parents have a different type of speaking for their children since women speak politely and man use direct language. Girls are taught to be “ladylike” and learn being pretty. On the other hand, boys are taught to behave “like a man” and learn a man doesn’t cry and is independent. Parents have different social expectations of daughters and sons. They want daughters to be socialized to think about the family, but sons are expected to be more interested in the world outside the family. Nowadays young parents are trying to change to gender-neutral socialization in order to make equal gender roles. But it is difficult to do because most of life tends to be gender-specific socialization.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


At Michigan Ave. In Chicago.

The Lazy Boy Who Became a Cow

A long time ago in Korea, there was a man who didn’t like to do anything. He thought lying down and taking a nap was the best way in his life without work. One day, although his mother requested something to him, he pretended that he didn’t hear. Then his mother was angry for his behavior, so he had to leave home unavoidably. He saw an old man on the way when he was going somewhere. The old man had a mask that looked like a cow. The old man said, “if you wore the this mask, you could live at ease, like a cow that feeds on grass and takes a nap comfortably.” The lazy man wanted to wear the mask, so he wore the mask. Then suddenly he was changed into a real cow. He was very surprised at what happened. The old man took away the boy who was changed into a cow, and then put the cow on the market. After that he sold him to a farmer. He told the farmer, “If you feed a radish to a cow, it must die. That’s why you don’t give him a radish. And you should whip the cow to get him to work.” The lazy man worked hard for the first time in his life. He worked every day and was whipped harshly from early morning to night. He couldn’t bear everything, so he decided to die. After work on the way to home, suddenly he ran to the radish field, and he ate one. Thereupon, he turned back to his original form. He found out his mistake, and he worked hard after this happening.
by Ray

Violent Girls

I looked at ’Bad girls go wild’ in the Newsweek. I learned 3 things. First of all, percent change in juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, 1980~2003, the number of girls increased 96%. Second, today one in three juveniles arrested for violent crimes are female. Last, a lot of juvenile females assault both girls and boys violently. I think that plenty of young females who make violence lack love from family or people around them. Therefore, people who know her should take care of her with love. In addition, they need to talk about their mind before committing crime.

I have asked those questions to some people. They answered something in common with each other. First, what can you tell a violent girl, if you meet her? People answered that there would be so many other things girls could enjoy and make their life better doing so. Second, how should they be punished? People replied that they would educate them about the future side effect caused by the physical fighting and the violent activity girls do to other people. Third, have you ever been attacked by a female? People gave an answer that a female had never attacked them. Last, do their parents have responsibility for their children’s violence? People responded that parents were responsible for their children’s violence so that they should be educated in good parenting. I agree with all of people’s opinions and I got the answer that I needed from people. However, nobody talked about her needing parental love and care. First of all, people who know her should take care of her with love so that it can prevent them from violence and crime.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

JK Lee

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Here is a Internet cafe in winter in Korea.

Monday, September 19, 2005

My Favorite Winter Sports

I usually can’t wait for winter to come, because I like to go snowboarding. Every winter, I usually go snowboarding with my friends at a famous ski resort in Korea. First, I like snow in the winter and speed. 3 years ago, I couldn’t ride a snowboard very well but right now I can snowboard very well because I’ve practiced for a long time. When I move at high speeds, it gives me a great feeling of excitement. Also there are many girls in the sky resort, so I can meet many new people who draw my attention. I have a meal with them. However, there is a problem about accident. There are too many people, so we can have accident while we snowboard. We always have to be careful. But it’s very fun, if I can ride very well. Finally I go to a sauna and spa at night after I snowboard. It relaxes my body. I want to go snowboarding every season.
In conclusion, I wish to go snowboarding at the Alps next year.